Universal GSM Box   


   Universal GSM Box + 19 CONNECTORS +  2 GSM Collection CD. 

  1. Alcatel DB BE1/3/4 ,3XX/5xx(without BF 311,511)

  2. Bosch 908/909

  3. Nokia all Mbus (connect this cable to UniBox and then you can connect  4 dejan flasher connectors and use it like Mbus cables very powerfull for nokia ppm 'language'  update and unlock new nokia SW version with NEW DEJAN SOFT - unlock,change imei ,repair 4 locks closed  ; )

  4. Siemens C/S25 C28 C/S/M35 A35/36 SL45 C/S/M 45

  5. Siemens C/M30

  6. Panasonic gd70/90

  7. Panasonic gd52/92/93

  8. Sagem 9xx

  9. Ericsson 6xx/7xx/8xx/T10/T18

  10. Ericsson T20/T28/T29/R3X0/A26X8

  11. Philips Savvy/Ozeo/Azaliz

  12. Mitsubishi MARS

  13. Nokia Flasher 32xx

  14. Nokia Flasher 33xx

  15. Nokia Flasher 5/6/7xxx

  16. Nokia Flasher 8xxx

  17. Sony CD5/Z5/MZ7

    • Sony J5/J6/J7/J70/Z7

      • Motorola T191


    - TX/RX Led
    - NEW! External Power cable from joystick port.If you need external power to unibox just connect this cable to joystick port on your computer and to unibox.

    Unibox is tested and work 100% with and without external power supply!

     Simple and easy to use universal box,

    Supported phoneS

    Alcatel - All models - flashing, add new languages

     Bosch -90x

     Philips Savvy/Ozeo/Azalis/Xenium

    Ericsson - (6xx,7xx,8xx,A1018,A2618,Txx,R3xx) flashing, change language packs

    Nokia - (3210,33xx,51xx,6xxx,71xx,82xx,85xx) - add logos and tones ,flashing ,change language packs

    Panasonic - (GD30-50-70-90-52-92-93-95) - flashing ,change language packs

    Siemens (C/S25,C28,C30,M30 C/S/M35 A35/36 C/S/M 45)flashing,change language packs

    Sagem (9xx series)flashing,

    Mitsubishi Mars - lashing,change language packs

    Sony CD5, Z5, J5, J6, J7, J70,Z7 - flashing,
    change language packs

    Motorola t191 flashing

    also unlock and change imei on this phones!

    Price  198 EURO / 179 USD

    Payment is with Western Union Agent or Bank Transfer.

     For Western Union Agent location in your city Click Here!

    Fast and save shipment with DHL add 60 euro / 55 usd..


    (32 MB , PGP security e-mail)